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Use these products at home!

Design Essentials

Itchy scalp? No problem! I recommend this product while you're wearing your protective styles and as a pretreatment before you shampoo your hair. This product is going to sooth your scalp, promote hair growth and fight any bacteria and build up you may have.

Ola Plex 4 & 5

If you've ever wondered what shampoo and conditioner I use to treat your hair before I silk press it. Here it is! This shampoo is perfect if you have color or previously lightened hair or if you are using lots of heat on your hair. This combination protects, and restores your hair, while preventing frizz.

Head and Shoulders Royal Oils

If you've struggled with dandruff your entire life try these products. I've seen clients' scalps do a complete 180 after using this set. Keep these in your rotation weekly!

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