Cold Shoulder Romper Hacks

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Hey Gorgeous!

Let me ask you a question? Do you love a good fashion hack? I know I do! Let me hip to a good one!

Here's what you need:

Cold  shoulder shirt or romper
Two elastic ponytail holders
Four safety pins


Look #1

Standard off the shoulder

For this look you want to attach one safety pin to the back of the romper on the inside and one safety pin to the front of the romper on the inside and attach both safety pins to an elastic band. 

Repeat this on both sides of the romper. The final result will be a more secure fitting romper. The sleeves will slide and you wont ever have to adjust the top. *Chefs kiss*


Look #2 


Keep the elastics on the inside but take your arms out. The final result will be a more secure top once again. This hack is great for ladies that have less help up top.


Look #3

One shoulder

For this look remove the elastic and safety pins from one side. Pull the sleeve up on that side and viola! 

These looks are great for date night, vacation, or a festival. You can wear these looks with heels, slides, or sneakers. It all depends on how casual or dressy you would like to be. Watch the full tutorial below.

I hope you found this post helpful! If so share it with a friend! Make sure you check out Swann Salon Studio and join the family!

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